Monday, 21 February 2011

With you right here, I'm a rocketeer♥

♥Not sure about this top? I bought it before christmas from topshop and still havent worn it, im not sure whether its because i dont feel right in it, or its the colour or what.. It was expensive too & i cant take it back because its now in the sale :/ What do you think of it?
♥The fishtail plait is a life saver! Whever im haveing a realllyy bad hair day this is what rescues it:) Just wish my hair was longer, it would look 100 times nicer.
♥Exuse me, what date is it? Love being on school holidays! You dont give a crap what time or day it is tehe! Although i have science gcse's when i go back to school, so im supposed to be revising but im having a sneaky day out shopping today ;)

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