Sunday, 24 April 2011

24th April. Birthday Gal!

What more could you want? Your birthday and easter to land on the same day! Loving it:} Finally 15 and veryy lucky:) I went to nandos for a birthday meal with my family:)
This is the aztec top in the post below. I cant even remember telling my mum i wanted it so if i cant remember how did she, love her to pieces! and my dad bought me the 3 canvas' for my wall! i love them:) can you see the glass below my converse? My friend bought me it from urban outfitters and i love it! it has a mustache on so when you drink you look like you  have one. Im too cool:)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Aztec Love♥

♥ I really want this aztec top! It would look so cute with a pair of denim short shorts. Find it here
♥ This is my attempt of aztec nails, you need alot of patience! Was my first time so there quite scruffy:)
♥ I love these, i bought some yesterday. There £3 on offer buy one get one free! Find them here

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


♥My birthday in 12 days! AND EASTER. Cant get over the fact that there on the same day :}! No idea what im getting, i think i want some red toms, and a trip to the hairdressers for blonde putting in my hair, what do you guyss think?


Sunday, 3 April 2011

Someday Summary - Sunday♥

♥HAPPPYYYY MOTHERS DAY:) What did you all get your mum? I saved up for a bottle of Dior J'adore perfume as i knew she needed it. So yes, i am now skint, and my dads birthday is coming up on Wednesday so im going to have to find some money!!

♥I love this top, its soo soft, i thought it was going to be more of a blouse material where as its actually jersey. Its from new look for £13.99, but i had a 20% off voucher from my magazine!:)

♥My hair is really annoying at the moment. I hate the length not long, not short 'past shoulder length' so annoying. Please grow!? tehe! I would love to go blonde, not full on bleach blonde, just like mucky with brown lowlights (i have veeery dark eyebrows, i would look too odd otherwise!)  

♥I HAVE 20 FOLLOWERS BABYY! hahaha! I would have never thought that anyone would ever read my blog, so thankyouu and keep reading! 

♥Oh and btw, its my birthday veery soon and i want some high converse, just what colour? white or black. white i would get verry mucky but you can sling them in the wash or black which is the original colour? please help! :)

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Ralph Lauren..

♥Sadlyy this isnt mine (obv its huuuge!) its my brotherss, he orded it online and doesnt fit him now, but i know he'd want me to pay for it so i cant ask for it!
♥No make-up on, be aware! i cant be arsed doing it atm now that its getting hot, its all gone by the end of the day!
Short post today, got so much to do.. art, maths, graphics, science ISA's bleh. not fun!


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sea Salt Spray♥

♥oooh. I love thiis, its a product every girl needs! I havent had to use my straightners now for a week, i hate the un-natural look your straightners give you and it takes you ages. Now before school i spray this, scrunch and go.
♥Before i tried this, i read mixed reviews. Some said it was amazing and some said it left your hair really dry. I love it but it can make your hair really dry so you just have to wash your hair like normal and make sure its all out 
♥I got this at my hairdressers, Toni and Guy. I bought the 50ml just to try it and i think it was around £3-£5 i cant remember. Im running out of it though because i used it at first just to test and was spraying loads! Now i have the hang of it i have hairdly any left!
♥Im going to try the V05  Extreme Style Surf Spray next.   


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dont be a drag, just be a queen♪♥

♥These took me ages! and they still look rushed. The stripes are all smudged but al fix it in the morning. I have had enough of nails haha.
♥I doubt the glitter will stay on for long. Its falling off right this minute! It'll be a nightmare washing my hands! hahaa, and glitter is all over my bedroom floor, and everywhere on my hands (i edited it off, looked awful!) and it wont budge!
♥So say bye bye glitter:'( looks like im going to have to do stripes on all. heheh

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New shoes♥

 ♥ Iya hair extensions:) This is what i will be wearing on friday, my friends birthday meal.
♥I got the top from Urban Outfitters for £28. Ouchh? Its only thin aswell, but dead soft and i will be getting my use i love it:)
♥I have been needing some new heels and these ''shoe boots'' are everywhere. I bought these from New Look for £24.99. They have a four inch heel, zip at the front and are suede, so i best buy some 'save your suede' spray heheh.

Monday, 21 February 2011

With you right here, I'm a rocketeer♥

♥Not sure about this top? I bought it before christmas from topshop and still havent worn it, im not sure whether its because i dont feel right in it, or its the colour or what.. It was expensive too & i cant take it back because its now in the sale :/ What do you think of it?
♥The fishtail plait is a life saver! Whever im haveing a realllyy bad hair day this is what rescues it:) Just wish my hair was longer, it would look 100 times nicer.
♥Exuse me, what date is it? Love being on school holidays! You dont give a crap what time or day it is tehe! Although i have science gcse's when i go back to school, so im supposed to be revising but im having a sneaky day out shopping today ;)

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Dreamy Creamy..

Maybeline Dreamy Creamy Foundation
♥  So before i bought this obviously i went and checked out what other people said, everyone was complaining how it can make you look 'greasy' and how its annoying that you have to twist the lid to open in.. some lazy people now a days;)
♥ Personally i love it. Its probably the first foundation i have had that matches my skin PERFECTLY. Its amazing! Its like painting on my skin, but nicer without all the red blemishes haha! To me it doesnt look greasy, and even if it does just shove abit of powder on top;)
♥  I bought this from Superdrug for £8, the colour is 04 light porcelain. Not that that matters cause you cant see my skin but i just thought i'd say ;)


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Nothing to be inspired by..

♥Been so long since my last post! I dont have alot to talk about, and as it says as the title, nothing has inspired me lately.
♥Its only tuesday and these two days at school have been so busy! I had school photos today, a work experience interview and jabs yesterday. My interview went really bad too, i was up against one of my friends, shes dead clever and said everything went fine so that made me feel abit crap!
♥Got my lower cartlilidge peirced, my best friend did it for me! she did my top ear too, and have had no problems and i love it although my parents dont know, i doubt they would be happy so al keep it ont he down low till it is healed ;)


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hair knots & Gillian Amalia Zinser ♥

♥ Also known as Ivy on 90210, which without a doubt is my favourite character! Her style is spot on:)
♥ Her hair is actually perfect. I love the surff kind of look going on, and her top knot is just.. aghh so jealous!

Saturday, 22 January 2011


Zara, £9.99

Brown bear pom hat/headband, Topshop-£14 down to £7
Flower headband, Miss selfridge-£6.50 down to £2

♥ Nearly didn't buy this satchel! i was a fooool! my friend literally made me since i had my £70 topshop voucher. A will be using it for school as its quite big:)
♥ Aww, how cute is this bear headband/hat? mum got it for mee teheh. not really sure how to wear it yet? i will figure it out!
♥ Saw this flower headband yonks ago. At £6.50 i gave it a miss since it was only flimsy. Now £2 i haaad to have it! i love it:)
♥ I saw these a while ago too. £14 for some mittens. hm. £7 is alot better;) reminds me of when you were little and you had mittens with string on, and your mum used to put them in your coat sleeves so you could never loose them. whattt a cuttiiieee. There nude/pink with little white beads on. n'awww:)

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Saturday Summary♥

♥Its my Great Grandads birthday today, hes 94 years old!
♥This photo was took a few weeks ago when i got my new phone, he was so impressed, i went on google for him and showed him pictures of where he grew up he was so happy :') i love him lots and lots and lots:)
♥Me looking lovely and rough just slung on a holister top and cardi like ya doo, 
♥So yeah, Happy Birthday Great Grandad♥

♥Mum went to town today while i visited my Great Grandad, and i remembered they have started the Nails inc exclusive for diet coke. Soo, i wanted the caramel im loving that coour at the moment. But unfortunetly they had ran out (obviously) so mum got me 'Denim' which is such an nice blue, shall be getting my wear out that:)

♥How cute are these? The pictures have only one coat on and they still look amazing,  I love OPI especially the mini ones, do you find that you never finish a whole nail varnish? so these are perfect for me:)
♥ Did you know Justin Bieber has is own OPI nail varnish's out? One is clear/white with love hearts and stars in and the other is a ruby glittery red! I dont like him and this proves a point even more that he is a girl;)

Jeans- Topshop
Top- Topshop
Cardi- Topshop
Shoes- Topshop
formed a pattern? oops. tehehe
♥ Saturdays outfit, thankgod you can hardly see my face haha i wasnt looking too cracking.
♥I love this top, just how simple it is with the pocket :) I bought the broach from primark for £1! Bargain.♥

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Sec'n dry top coat by orly, Nails inc limited edition for diet coke,london.
That nails inc colour is my fave. i wouldnt know how to describe the colour like? mushroom? Once its ran out i will be verrryy gutted since i use it pretty much all the time, and get tons of compliments for it:) Makes it even more worth it since i got it free after buying 2 bottles of diet coke!
So all i did was use manicure stencils (the straight kind) and diagonialy stuck them down and painted black, waited for it to dry then painted on the mushroom colour. if you dont have the stencils i found cellotape does the job just as well:)

Monday, 10 January 2011


Max factor lipfinity lasting lip stain in 06

I really need a nose job!
This is my mums lipstain, and of course i nicked it! ;) I never usually wear anything on my lips so im not used to the bright red tbh! but if you don't put it on fully and smudge it round before it dries it goes a gorgeous pink but i still would prefer to have 04 which is a really nice light pink which i might pick up when i next nip into town:)

Saturday, 8 January 2011


1. Urban Outfitters- Brogues, £18!
2. Urban Oufitters - Sparkle & Fade Wave Texture Pull On Skirt, £10!
3. Gosh x-ceptional wear foundation £7.99
4. New look - Peter pan collar lace top, £19.99
5. Gosh velvet touch 134 darling, £6.49