Sunday, 7 November 2010


So last night i went to thornes park for bonfire night,
getting ready at my friend, brookes house:):)
Sorry for the shocking photo, haha.
I went to town on the day, i had nothing to wear otherwise
I bought:
New bra- primark- I'm in love, its comfy,soft, beautiful lace all for a £5!
Top-Topshop-really basic, soft white baggy top with side pocket and turned up short sleeves £15
Necklace-River Island- I buy most of my jewellery from there, its just a simple heart. £5.99
Swallow broach- Primark - been looking for one for ages, i will wear it on everything! £1
Brown skinny belt - Primark - been looking for a simple one for ages just to go round my jeans £1

I will take a photo of everything later, its all in the wash because i came home stinking of smoke, lovely(: xxx