Thursday, 24 March 2011

Ralph Lauren..

♥Sadlyy this isnt mine (obv its huuuge!) its my brotherss, he orded it online and doesnt fit him now, but i know he'd want me to pay for it so i cant ask for it!
♥No make-up on, be aware! i cant be arsed doing it atm now that its getting hot, its all gone by the end of the day!
Short post today, got so much to do.. art, maths, graphics, science ISA's bleh. not fun!


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sea Salt Spray♥

♥oooh. I love thiis, its a product every girl needs! I havent had to use my straightners now for a week, i hate the un-natural look your straightners give you and it takes you ages. Now before school i spray this, scrunch and go.
♥Before i tried this, i read mixed reviews. Some said it was amazing and some said it left your hair really dry. I love it but it can make your hair really dry so you just have to wash your hair like normal and make sure its all out 
♥I got this at my hairdressers, Toni and Guy. I bought the 50ml just to try it and i think it was around £3-£5 i cant remember. Im running out of it though because i used it at first just to test and was spraying loads! Now i have the hang of it i have hairdly any left!
♥Im going to try the V05  Extreme Style Surf Spray next.