Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sea Salt Spray♥

♥oooh. I love thiis, its a product every girl needs! I havent had to use my straightners now for a week, i hate the un-natural look your straightners give you and it takes you ages. Now before school i spray this, scrunch and go.
♥Before i tried this, i read mixed reviews. Some said it was amazing and some said it left your hair really dry. I love it but it can make your hair really dry so you just have to wash your hair like normal and make sure its all out 
♥I got this at my hairdressers, Toni and Guy. I bought the 50ml just to try it and i think it was around £3-£5 i cant remember. Im running out of it though because i used it at first just to test and was spraying loads! Now i have the hang of it i have hairdly any left!
♥Im going to try the V05  Extreme Style Surf Spray next.   



Ashley Borysewich said...

I love your blog! Check mine out if you get a chance :)

Natalie.A.Parkinson said...

I love this product too!xx

Sophie said...

ooooh i keep seeing such good reviews of these sea salt sprays, may have to invest! cute shirt!xx

Sophhh said...

Thankyouu ashley! and sophie you should deffinetly get one, and oo thanksss!xx